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7 Money Saving Tips To Follow For Your House Construction

7 Money Saving Tips To Follow For Your House Construction

To get your dream home – renovating or building from scratch – it is good to plan well and evaluate the entire process, in order to save money and be able to make decisions by cutting unnecessary expenses. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, you have earned it the hard way for the construction of your house.

Here are some tips to get your dream house while making sure you wouldn’t break the bank.

1. Choose the right construction company Philippines for your house

Your budget may be short, but hiring the professionals is a smart way to be efficient for your house construction. This is especially true if the work you intend to perform can put your life or building structure at risk. Call an architect or an engineer. Otherwise, you may have more headache and more spent due to accidents and errors made in building your house.

There are two basic rules not to go wrong when hiring a construction company: check the references and interview them before hiring. Checking the references is important so you will know if the contractor has satisfied clients and greatly made projects. The interview is not a test to test the professional; It’s another conversation to see if you understand each other to do your makeover together.

If you choose to hire a construction company who manages your work, it is likely your job to have regular meetings to keep track of the progress of the work. Set goals and deadlines and also schedule when the purchase of each material should be made so as not to delay the work and generate more expenses.

2. Question the projects

Don’t be shy about questioning anything you don’t understand. A good construction company will gladly answer all your questions so just ask away. The plaster project, for example, can be full of recesses and crown molding, but if you give it a simplified economy it can be big.

3. Make multiple budgets and negotiate

Make multiple budgeting options with the professional construction company you hired. Also make sure that materials must be purchased in a planned manner. Make quotes from multiple suppliers and buy as many items as possible at one time. Thus, you can negotiate discounts and payment term. If there is no space to store everything just request that the delivery be made partially.

4. Keep an eye on the choice of finishes

The cheapest or the most expensive is always not the most suitable. Meet, search, visit stores and ask professionals what to use. The material must be suitable for use. A budget of marble and granite can be half price depending on the stone chosen. Stay tuned! Make sure that the properties of the material you choose match the result you want to have.

Items such as floors, tiles, lamps, door handles can vary greatly in price. There are several models with very different prices and finishes. Expand your options.

5. Think Green

In addition to the cost of your house construction Philippines, you should think about what you will spend next when you live in your house. Some sustainable materials may cost a little more, but will save you money on energy and water bills. Efficient LED light fixtures and energy-saving taps or aerator (to spread and use less water) are worthwhile investments because they help reduce your bills.

You can also search for used materials to use in your project. For example, in glass and mirror recycling stores you can find these items at a great discount.

6. Do It Yourself

If you have the time and some skills (only if you have some skills that you trust), It is worth the extra effort to do some parts yourself, especially if it means the difference between being able to afford your project or having to cut the things you really wanted.

But beware: study well what you are going to do before you actually start doing it. For example, painting walls, which seems simple, require a lot of preparation to work and to spend less on material. Research instead on how to do it. And do not aim to do things that need skilled professionals. Safety is still main priority!

7. Do only what you need or plan in steps

Under construction, more square footage equals more money. Think about the size of your project and ask yourself how much space you really need. Beware of “since I’m going to do this …”. Be rational in making decisions and don’t get carried away with news and beautiful things if they are not within your plans or budget. Be careful that the size of the work and costs do not escape your control.

If you really need to build or remodel multiple environments, but the money is short. Do a step planning, what do I need first? What can you expect? Can I change without all furniture? And slowly the dream house will come out of the paper.

These are just some steps on how to save money while constructing your dream house. If you are planning to build or renovate your house, consult with the experts at The Orange Kite Group and we will give you the best cost estimation and budget planning service.